Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 years ago I fell head over heels for this boy. He stole my heart and never gave it back. I remember thinking how hot he was in fifth grade and how I would always look for his 49ers coat on the playground on my way to school in the mornings, because it would determine whether it was going to be a great day. He was always super thoughtful and over summer vacation he went to Disneyland and brought me back a necklace and I lost it on the swings at recess, I remember being so sad and searching frantically for the lost Tigger charm in the gravel, but it was lost forever and I was heartbroken over it. (He did rebuy me one at Disneyland last February, so at least it could be replaced). He also brought me back a bracelet from Lake Powell and I wore it everyday, and actually still have it. I can't believe I was such a goof and didn't say yes when he asked me to "go out" with him, because I thought that dating and going out were the same thing, and you can't do that until you are 16.

Not much has changed since then, he is still the handsomest guy I know and is still super super thoughtful. I love the way that he always thinks about me before he ever thinks about himself. I love more than anything the way that he makes me laugh. He is my world and I cannot believe that we have been married for three years, time sure is flying. I love you Todd and am so excited to spend always and forever with you. Happy third anniversary love!

P.S. He is also extremely talented and took some adorable pictures of our little boy Cade, who happens to look just like him and I love it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cade's Birth Story

Okay, so mostly this is just for my memories sake, but if you are interested to hear all about how everything went keep reading...

Okay, June 03, 2010-I spent the morning working and then most of the afternoon trying to figure out what I was going to wear to J.D.'s reception the next day. (Leave it to me to wait until the last minute, but being nine months pregnant you are not sure exactly how large you will be from day to day). So I dragged Todd to a couple of stores and tried things on and everything made me look like a giant sun (their colors were black and yellow) and I couldn't even find anything black and white that was flattering. Finally at DownEast I decided on something that was doable and not too awful and we headed home. I spent the rest of the afternoon running to Kohl's to make sure that Todd had some new slacks and a tie so he wouldn't feel left out.

That night we went to Todd's parents house and were just watching TV and at about 10:30 at night I started to feel a little bit leaky...sorry if this is too much information, but we are talking about how a baby gets here right? I didn't know exactly what to do, so I went to the restroom and thought that everything was under control and sat back down. A few minutes later I was in the same predicament and thought to myself, "I can't just keep going to the bathroom or they will think I am crazy." So I did the only thing that made sense and texted Todd-I really need to get home, can we leave?

So as we head out to the car he asks me what is wrong, and I say "I am not sure, but I think my water broke." He looked at me like I was a loon seeing that we weren't due until the 22nd, which was 18 days away. So we head home and by the time we get there I am soaked...we only live about half a mile from his parents house. So at this point I am getting more nervous and I call my mom while Todd calls his mom and then his aunt Robyn. They all say to head to the hospital...I tell my mom that this can't be happening right now since J.D. is getting married tomorrow!

We decide to head to the hospital and I frantically pack a bag of stuff...I have no idea what I even put in there to be honest but I figured it would be a false alarm and we would be sent home. (At this point I was mostly worried that I was peeing my pants and it was going to be super embarrassing, because how can you not know if you are peeing your pants and how is it that I couldn't stop it?)

We get to the hospital at about 11:30 and tell the nurse that I am pretty sure I am going to have a baby, so they put us in a delivery room and do the little color strip test and sure enough...amniotic fluid, they say we are staying the night and will have the baby within 24 hours. I hadn't had any contractions up to this point, but once they started me on the pitocin at about 12:30 they pretty much started immediately. Can I just say that I had the BEST delivery nurses ever, Sheryl and Crystal were the best ever! They were so sweet and nice and calm, it was great.

By about 4:30 in the morning I was dialated to a three and the nurse talked the doctor into giving me an epidural, since the pain medicine they put me on was making be throw up each hour I had to take it. Let me tell you, epidurals are wonderful. I had a harder time with the IV since I had three different veins collapse and the anesthesiologist (who was also wonderful) had to come and put one in. But seriously, after the epidural it was like immediate relief...even though I didn't have to feel contractions for very long at all, I have no idea how people do it thanks. At this point I took a nap for a bit and so did Todd, in that super comfy recliner. Things continued to progress and at about 10:35 I was dialated far enough that I could start pushing. The nurse told me that most first babies take two or three hours of pushing before they make it here, so to be prepared. So with each contraction we started pushing three times for ten seconds and after about 20 minutes of this I was starting to be worn out...I thought to myself that there is no way I am doing this for three hours and decided to give it all I had. In just under one hour she told me to stop pushing because she needed to get the doctor.

At 11:31 on June 04, 2010 Cade made his way into this world and we instantly fell in love with him. He had more hair than we expected. He weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 inches long. They took him to do his vitals and Todd got to take pictures and then they left him with us. His aunt Robyn, who works in the nursery, came to visit us and she helped Todd give Cade his first bath in the delivery room. After this, they moved us up into our own room and Todd's parents came to visit since they were supposed to be headed to Lake Powell that day...(Cade decided that this obviously was the best weekend to come). At 1:00 we were talking about the fact that my whole family was in the sealing room at the Salt Lake Temple with J.D. and Kristy and how crazy it was that we were missing it. Between the Temple and the reception they did stop by to get a picture, which was really sweet of them. Everyone in the hospital was probably so confused to see a bride and groom in their wedding attire wandering the halls of the hospital.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us and for all of the sweet text messages, emails, and phone calls. We are so very blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

The weekend ended up being even more eventful (but not in a good way) with my Grandma May having a heart attack, my Grandpa Larson finding out he has cancer, and then my little sister Mackenzie getting a concussion at our house because the wind decided to knock a pretty heavy rod iron/wooden picture of the temple off of our shelf and onto her head. We all decided that we would stop asking what would happen just seemed like too dangerous of a question.

Anyway, I realize this post is getting rather long and sometimes blogs are boring without pictures, so I promise within the next day I will get pictures up of our trip to Oregon and Cade's nursery...and then with a little pressure by next Friday I will put up the before and afters of our house pictures, since I still haven't done that yet!

Also, Cade is already 7 weeks...can you believe it? I cannot.