Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008

Just a little update on what we have been up to the last couple of weeks: In June we went to the Strawberry Days parade and Todd threw me such a wonderful birthday party barbecue which was followed by the rodeo, how could we resist the strawberries and cream?
Then in July we had a great Fourth with a parade, a barbecue and the PG fireworks that we got to watch from Todd's parents backyard since the city moved where they launched them from the high school to the junior high. We also got to watch Todd, Cody and Ryan light a bunch in the street. Gus did so good watching the big ones in the sky and really was quite amused, but when it came to the ones that were close up and screeching he wasn't exactly brave and had to go inside.
The next day we went to the Bees game and got to watch the fireworks from the outfield and it was so great! It was crazy being so close to them that by the end we were all covered in small pieces of burned fireworks that fell from the sky. My other favorite part was the outfield was like soft carpet and was so neat, one day I wish my grass could be like it.
Other than that things are going the same as usual, but I did want to add a small note about our funny little dog. Since it is summer and I feel that he gets too hot in his kennel (which he does like to be in) I decided to get him a new bed that would let him be more comfortable. He seems to like it a lot, long as it can sit on the end of our bed that is! Also he really really loves to hang his head out the window and lean into the wind. It's funny cause it makes his face look super skinny and he usually ends up sneezing a few times. He thinks he is pretty brave because I am usually holding onto him, so I guess we will have to show him that if he leans to far he might fall!
Oh and I decided that it just wasn't fair of me to hog all of the blogging, so I am going to let my dear husband add a few of his own thoughts:

hmm hog all the blogging huh, all two of them so far. haha anyways fourth of July was great we have had a fun summer so far and we are getting excited to go to Alaska. I love it up there. It is nice to be away from everything and just go fishing. I am also excited about the hunts this year. I am hunting archery elk and muzzle loader deer. My Grandpa Whatcott drew out for a moose tag also so we are scouting for that. Rose talked a lot about Gus, I never thought I would have an inside dog. I always thought that was dumb of those people who took their dogs everywhere and treat them like they are a kid or something. But I kinda like him. He acts tough but he is a wuss. My favorite is when he gets wet he goes crazy and runs around and jumps and barks and spins around trying to play with me. Its pretty funny.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rose and Todd

Our story started back in the fifth grade, but our adventure is only just beginning. Todd got home from his mission (Houston South) in December of 2006 and I ended up at his homecoming in January. A phone call later and a promise of hot chocolate we ended up going ice skating. After that night of guitar hero and realizing that I was falling for his charm and his sweet guitar moves, we became inseparable. We got engaged in our fifth grade classroom on March 28th and exactly four months later on July 28th we were sealed together for all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Everything went perfect and it could not have been more beautiful. The next day we flew to sunny Puerto Vallarta and had a wonderful time at our beach side condo with a private bay to snorkel, canopy tours in the jungle (where Predator was filmed), and humid humid weather! Despite all our efforts to make sure not to drink the water, Todd must have swallowed some while in the shower or maybe through eating the ice because besides feeling awful on the last day in Mexico, he also got to spend some quality time in the airplane bathroom the whole way home.

Once we arrived home from Mexico, we ended up in the emergency room that night for a few hours. After picking up a few prescriptions at Wal-greens on the way home we emptied the swimming suits and shorts from our suitcase and traded it for jeans and long sleeves and headed to bed for about two hours. We then got to spend the whole day traveling by plane and ferry to visit Grandma and Grandpa Richards in Alaska. At this point Todd was still pretty sick. Despite the two days or so of difficulties, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to spend 10 days fishing for salmon and halibut and watching for bears while enjoying one of the most amazing places in the entire world.

Since then we have come back to reality and have just been getting our fun life together with six months in an apartment in Provo and the recent move to P.G. Time has flown by as Todd has been working full time for a company in Springville called Trivani as a Media-Specialist while going to school full time in graphic design. I have been working doing medical transcription and keeping things together at home. We had an addition to our family at Christmas and he is the funniest little ball of fur named Gus Rupert Whatcott. He is a malti-poo and he makes us laugh...most the time.

So I guess that is us, the Whatcott's, and we couldn't be happier.