Friday, March 6, 2009

A Valentines Adventure!

I have the greatest husband in the whole world, he truly is amazing and I am so glad to have found him! For Valentines he surprised me with a fun little get away to my favorite place...Disneyland! We decided to make a fun weekend of it and drive down to Vegas thursday and get up early on Friday and drive to Disneyland so we could spend three fun filled days there before coming home on Monday. As far as we were concerned it couldn't get more perfect, until...a small freeway closure in Beaver that took us on a funfilled adventure through Minersville. It barely added an extra 20 minutes onto our trip and then we were on our way to Vegas! We stayed at the lavish Circus Circus...ha! Okay, okay even though it was a little rundown it was sure worth paying only 20 dollars to stay the night. This is when things started to get a bit bumpy...well when we woke up early so we could leave around 7:00 a.m. (I am so not a morning person, but for Disneyland I sure can be!), we came out to the car and saw this little beauty...

yeah, basically that is a screw broken off in the tire of the car...and the tire was flat. Not exactly the start we were hoping for, but no worries Big O Tires to the rescue! Boy am I sure glad that we bought new tires for the car last year, making the repair free!

So on our way down through California we passed about 14 Corvettes, which must have been on their way to something special but we also hit some was crazy, the pictures hardly even show you how foggy it was...

Due to the fact that I somehow never figure out that I shouldn't drink as much soda on long drives, we had to stop a few times. This is a sweet picture of our very last stop in Barstow where we ended up seeing another 6 Corvettes, we still have no idea where they were headed.

And The Clarion Hotel even let us check in way early and upgraded us to a King Suite! The first night we even got to watch the fireworks from our room! (Can you tell which blanket is mine and which one is Todd's?)

We made it! Finally.....The Happiest Place on Earth!

I truly love this place. Todd and I had so much fun just spending the weekend with each other, riding rides and eating frozen bananas, (my favorite thanks to my dad). It was funny though because I don't remember even getting tired at Disneyland before, I must be out of shape! It did end up pouring rain while we were there and since I left our ponchos and umbrella at the hotel I had to give in and buy this sweet hat (any reason to shop I suppose!).

I have to say that I think Todd's favorite part of the vacation was deciding to eat at ESPN Zone! It was crazy, we got to sit in some recliners at the front of the restaurant and eat while just lounging and watching the big screen TV in front of us, it was so nice to be able to lay down and recline after walking all over the park that day.

Valentines was the best ever! We got to eat at our favorite restaurant at Disneyland, The Blue Bayou and the food was so good! I swear, each time we come it gets better and better!

All in all we had a really wonderful trip. It rained quite a bit, but it made it a little less crowded and I really think that Todd and I have mastered the art of the Fast Pass. I know that we were only there a few weeks ago, but blogging about it makes me anxious to get back!

Okay, so I turned this picture into a cartoon and saved over the original...oops! I just can't wait until we have a few small ones to drag along with us! Hooray for Disneyland!