Thursday, August 19, 2010

Okay, well even though this was two months ago and Cade has grown so very much, I really needed to post about our trip to Oregon to visit my grandparents. It was such a long drive, but Cade did so well. He was such a trooper and was pretty content just getting out of his carseat every couple of hours, he pretty much slept the whole time. It was great to have Mackenzie in the backseat to check on him and make sure he had his binky when he needed it too. We stayed at my uncle Derek and aunt Dana's house in Portland and we had a great time. We went over the Fourth of July and Cade didn't even wake up for fireworks, he just slept right through them. (I did miss Gus though cause he is probably the only dog that enjoys fireworks!)

This is my Grandpa. It was so nice to go up and visit with him and my grandma and remember all of the fun things that we used to do with them. When I was little they would take us to Disneyland and I remember just watching the parades with them and loving it. I am pretty sure my love for Disneyland comes from my grandparents, because they love it so much too. I also remember being very concerned about my grandpa losing his hair and getting a baldspot and trying to take hair off his chest to replace it, I was such a little weirdo. I used to look forward so much to the week in the summer that I would get to go spend at their condo in St. George or Mesquite because it just meant watching lots of movies and playing at the pool. One year my grandma taught me how to decorate cakes and for a few years I even made little kids birthday cakes for family. They also took me to see a musical called Starlight Express in Las Vegas one year, and I remember feeling like I was the luckiest kid alive! I have been blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. A lot of memories from my childhood have a lot to do with them. It was kind of a bittersweet visit to see them, because although we got to see them and catch up and let him meet Cade, my dear sweet grandpa is struggling with his health and we are not quite sure exactly how much time we have with him. I will miss him greatly, especially the way he always called me Darlin'.

On a happier note, this is us at Cannon Beach. I was pretty excited to show Todd one of my favorite places in the whole entire world. I used to love coming here every summer and playing in the water and building sandcastles with my dad.

We took one day and went to Multonomah Falls. It is so pretty and its crazy how much bigger the waterfall is close up. We had a wonderful trip and hope to make it back soon!