Monday, September 21, 2009

Wishing with all my heart that I was here....Oh how I love the Happiest Place on Earth!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It seems strange that summer didn't quite seem like summer this year. I mean June was especially rainy and we have had a few hot days, but it seems as though summer just isn't quite the same as it used to be. I miss only having to worry about what friends I wanted to play with that day and making sure to put sunscreen on. (I think I only had four days that required sunscreen this year!) It just doesn't seem quite right. I guess thats what happens when you turn into a grown up.

I just wanted to post a quick little update on our busy lives. Todd is back in school again and I am so proud of him for just sticking to it, I keep trying to tell him that in a few years when he is done he will be so glad he is doing it now--easy for me to say since I never went to college! I am just glad that he only has to be gone two nights a week instead of the usual four for school, it is so nice that his work is nice enough to let him take time out of his day for one of his classes. With school starting back up again, it also means that hunting season is upon I fear he won't be home as much as I hope but I am just glad he has such a fun hobby that he loves.

As for me I am just doing the same old thing, transcribing at odd hours because I can't figure out how to just stick to a routine! It is so much easier to find other things to occupy my time with instead of working, (plus I really hate mornings!) I realize this is the benefit from working from home, but some days it makes it really hard to motivate myself. I also have gotten into the world of deal shopping and coupons, I admit it, I am such a sucker for a good deal! You seriously wouldn't believe how much money I don't spend on groceries anymore, it is really so much fun!

We hit a couple of bumps during the house process with the government auditing our lender and having to resubmit with another lender just days before closing but it seems like things are starting to smooth out and hopefully by this time next week we will "officially" be home owners. Oh well, I guess that just gave us an extra couple of months to save!

In other big news, Todd and I have been married for two years! It seems crazy to think that it has really been two years, it sure doesn't feel like it. Time seems to fly by lately it's so crazy. These two years have honestly been the best of my life and it seems that marriage gets better with time. I love that I have a best friend to share everything with and that he is always willing to listen. Seriously, best husband ever. I love you Todd, with all my heart.

It really is funny to look back at life and see how we got where we are today. It's funny at the time when you think you are going through some pretty tough trials that it is only preparing you for the wonderful days to come, it is however much more peaceful to see things from this side. It also is helping me to put into perspective what I think of as my current struggles, because I know in a few years when I am on the other side of it I will wish I could have shook myself and said "Rosie, quit stressing over things you can't change, things always work out the way they are supposed to and you know it!" Come What May and Love It!

I sure wish I had the willpower to post some more pictures so this post could be a bit more exciting, but you see, my computer is not exactly the fastest...and to load just one picture seems to take an eternity. Hopefully we have some fun things to post about as fall approaches, wish us luck!